Big Game

Wind Song

Wind Song Artist: Jon Van Zyle Subject: Wolves and Moon Year: 1990 Image Size: 34 1/2x18 State: GGG

Winter Watch

Winter Watch Artist: Mark Perry Subject: Buffalo Year: 1995 Image Size: 22x15 State: GGG

Polar Flow

Polar Flow Artist: Linda Daniels Subject: Polar Bear Image Size: 10x10 1/2 State: GGG

Spring is Just a Dream Away

Spring is just a Dream Away Artist: Linda Daniels Subject: Wolf State: GGG Image Size: 18x16

Out of the Way

Out of the Way Artist: R. Colebrook Heirstead Subject: Moose and Mallards Year: 1991 State: GGG Image Size: 29 3/4x19 3/4

Out of the Darkeness

Out of the Darkness Artist: Linda Daniels Subject: Bear State: GGG Image Size: 13 7/8x10

Glacier's Winter Apparel

Glacier's Winter Apparel Artist: Jocelyn Lillpop Subject: Ram Year: 1992 State: GGG Image Size: 22x16

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice Artist: Linda Daniels Subject: Wolf State: GGG Image Size: 13 3/4x10 1/4

Passing Storm

Passing Storm Artist: Jerry Thrasher Subject: Buffalo Year: 1993 State: GGG Image Size: 23x17

90 Days in Paradise

90 Days in Paradise Artist: Linda Daniels Subject: Wolf pups Year: 1992 State: GGG Image Size: 16x13

Prince of the North

Prince of the North Artist: Mario F. Fernandez Year: 1986 Image Size: 27 1/2x21 Subject: Polar Bears State: GGG


Confrontation- Gazelle and Eagle, Africa Artist: Owen J. Gromme Subject: Eagle and Gazelle Year: 1977 Image Size: 22x17 3/4

Storm Warning

Storm Warning Artist: Jocelyn Lillpop Subject: Rams Year: 1999 Image Size: 28x21 State: GGG

Spring Passage

Spring Passage Artist: Judy Lalingo Subject: Moose in river Year: 1997 Image Size: 21 1/8x14 1/2 State: GGG

High Plains Drifter

High Plains Drifter Artist: John T. Myers Subject: Pronghorn Antelope Year: 1999 Image Size: 22x14 State: GGG

1999 SD Stamp- Ram

1999 SD Stamp- Ram Artist: Mark Anderson Subject: Ram Year: 1999 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 State: GGG

Taking Shade - Wolves

Taking Shade- Wolves Artist: Bruce Langton Subject: Wolves Year: 1994 State: IL Image Size: 22x9

Guardians of the Past

Guardians of the Past Artist: Jocelyn Lillpop Subject: Buffalo Year: 1996 State: OK Image Size: 26 1/2x16 1/2

Tallgrass Prairie

Passin' the Buck Artist: Christopher Walden Subject: Deer and Canary Year: 2002 State: KY Image Size: 28x20 Signed and Numbered Limited Editon of 900

Covey Cover

Covey Cover Artist: Christopher Walden Subject: Fox and Quail Year: 2006 Image Size: 28x19 1/4 State: KS

Northern Watch

Northern Watch Artist: Neal R. Anderson Subject: Canadian Lynx on cliff Year: 1993 Image Size: 13 1/2x19 1/2 State: CO

Colorado Wildlife Poster

Colorado Wildlife Poster Artist: Cynthie Fisher Subject: Rams Year: 1996 Image Size: 18x27 1/2 State: CO

Spirit of the Big Sky

Spirit in the Big Sky Artist: Wayne Dowdy Subject: Antelope Year: 1997 Image Size: 25x16 1/2 State: CO

The Grande Elusion

The Grande Elusion Artist: Jocelyn Lillpop Subject: Mule Deer and Mountains Year: 1996 Image Size: 28x16 State: KS & CO

Following the Fenceline

Following the Fenceline Artist: Julie Crocker Subject: Coyote Year: 1991 Image Size: 18x15 State: KS

Morning Sage Elk

Morning Sage Elk Artist: Christopher Walden Subject: Elk Year: 2006 Image Size: 28x18 State: KS

Out of the Shaddows

Out of the Shadows Artist: Ruth Rawhouser Subject: Elk Year: 2002 Image Size: 20x16 State: CO

Winter Silence

Winter Silence Artist: Thomas Moen Subject: Wolves in snow Year: 1998 Image Size: 15 1/4x23 1/8 State: MN

New Fallen Snow

New Fallen Snow Artist: Gene Lysaker Subject: Wolves in snow Year: 1994 Image Size: 18 3/4x14 State: SD


Limbo Artist: Christopher B. Walden Subject: Cougar on branch Year: 2005 Image Size: 28x19 3/4 State: WI

The Ingall's Bull

The Ingalls Bull Artist: Keith Warrick Subject: Caribu Year: 1990 Image Size: 17 3/4x13 3/8 State: KS

Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground Artist: Jocelyn Lillpop Subject: Moose Year: 1997 Image Size: 27 3/4x14 3/4 State: CO

Out for Lunch

Out for Lunch Artist: Charlotte Edwards Subject: Fox in snow Year: 2000 Image Size: 35x12 State: CO

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Artist: Wes Dewey Subject: Bison Year: 2002 Image Size: 24 1/8x20 1/8 State: KS

Warriors Path

Warriors Path Artist: Linda Daniels Subject: Mountain Lion on cliff Year: 1993 Image Size: 12x18 1/2 State: OK

What Ya Hangin Back Fur

What Ya Hangin' Back Fur Artist: Michael Bargelski Subject: Man and Grizzly Bear Year: 1996 State: MO Image Size: 25x16 1/2

Antelope Flats Rivals

Antelope Flats Rivals Artist: Michael Romney Subject: Antelope Year: 2007 State: KS Image Size: 23x17

Bull Session

Bull Session Artist: Christopher Walden Subject: Elk Year: 1997 State: KY Image Size: 29x21 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 900