Mom's Tulip Garden

Mom's Tulip Garden Artist: John Green Subject: Boy and Girl Year: 1990 Image Size: 14x11 State: GGG

Sweet Dreams Too

Sweet Dreams Too Artist: Joshua Spies Year: 1999 Subject: Girl in Bed with Yellow Lab Image Size: 15 1/4x22 State: CO & SD

Wake Me At Four

Wake Me at Four Artist: R.J. McDonald Subject: Dog and sleeping Boy Year: 2000 State: IL Image Size: 20x16

Deere Friends

Deere Friends Artist: Nancy Lee Moran Year: 2000 Image Size: 15 3/4x18 Subject: Boy on Small Tractor State: KS & CO & SD

Ready and Waiting

Ready and Waiting Artist: John C. Green Year: 1997 Subject: Boy and lab puppies Image Size: 13 1/2x17 State: SD

"Golden" Set

Golden Moment and Golden Memory *Paired for Set of 2 Artist: Joshua Spies Year: 2005 Subject: Boy and Golden Lab Image Size: 5 3/4x9 1/4 State: SD

Duck Talk

Duck Talk Artist: Al Stelton Subject: Boys with Duck calls and dog Image Size: 19 3/4x15 3/4 State: MN

The Butterfly Chase

The Butterfly Chase Artist: John C. Green Year: 1996 Subject: Boy and puppies Image Size: 18x13 1/2 State: SD

Training Session

Training Session Artist: John C. Green Year: 1998 Subject: Boy and dog in boat Image Size: 13 1/2x16 3/4 State: SD

Husker Hunters

Husker Hunter Artist: R.J. McDonald Subject: Girl with yellow lab in corn field Year: 2004 Image Size: 17x21 State: SD

First Goose

First Goose Artist: Jerry Thomas Year: 2002 Subject: Man and Son Hunting Image Size: 15 3/4x11 3/4 State: KS

Teal Time

Teal Time Artist: L.M. Budge Year: 1995 Subject: Boy and Girl painting decoys Image Size: 19 1/8x15 7/8 State: CO

Lasting Memories

Lasting Memories Artist: Julie Crocker Year: 2001 Subject: Man and son in hunting boat Image Size: 17 3/4x15 State: CO

The Adoption

The Adoption Artist: John C. Green Year: 1993 Subject: Girl with bunnies Image Size: 16x20 State: SD

Small Miracle

Small Miracle Artist: Steve Hanks Year: 1995 Subject: Baby boy Image Size: 13 1/4x20 State: SD

The Little Fishergirl

The Little Fishergirl Artist: John C. Green Year: 1995 Subject: Girl fishing on dock Image Size: 15 1/4x19 State: SD

Young Hunters

Young Hunters Artist: Sam Caldwell Year: 2003 Subject: Man and Boy Hunting Image Size: 13 1/2x11 1/4 State: TX

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard Artist: Sam Caldwell Year: 2006 Subject: Man and Boy Image Size: 18 1/4x25 State: TX