The Challenge

The Challenge Artist: Vicki Lord Year: 1991 Subject: Pair of Deer Image Size: 21 1/2x16 State: GGG

Laying Low

Laying Low Artist: Mitchell Mansanarez Subject: Deer Year: 1994 Image Size: 17x22 State: GGG

Manley's Field

Manley's Field Artist: Randy Battaglia Subject: Deer Year: 1998 Image Size: 22x15 3/4 State: GGG

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer Artist: Brett Smith Subject: Deer Year: 1993 State: GGG Image Size: 13 5/8x23 1/2

Fenceline Crossing

Fenceline Crossing Artist: John C. Green Year: 1989 Subject: Deer jumping Fence Image Size: 21 3/8x14 1/2 State: SD

Fall Fever

Fall Fever Artist: Jack C. Deloney Subject: Deer Year: 1998 Image Size: 29x12 1/2 State: GGG

Down On The Farm

Down on the Farm Artist: Zettie Jones Subject: Mallards & Deer in snow Year: 1992 State: IL Image Size: 25x18

Stomping Grounds

Stomping Grounds Artist: Dan Ranschau Subject: Deer Year: 1996 Image Size: 23 1/4x18 1/2 State: KS

Tales of Twin Creek

Tales of Twin Creeks Artist: Christopher Walden Year: 2006 Subject: Deer and Greenwing Teal Image Size: 19x25 3/8 State: KS

The Haven

The Haven Artist: Ron Van Gilder Year: 1999 Subject: Deer, Mallards, and Canada Geese Image Size: 22x11 1/2 State: MN

Sunrise on the Rio

Sunrise on the Rio Artist: Jocelyn Lillpop Year: 1998 Subject: Deer drinking from a river Image Size: 27 7/8x15 7/8 State: CO

Watershed Refuge

Watershed Refuge Artist: Jerry Gadamus Year: 2003 Subject: deer in snow Image Size: 22 3/4x17 State: WI

Cache Creek Winter

Cache Creek Winter Artist: Barbara Schaffner Year: 2003 Image Size: 14x11 Subject: Deer in Snow State: CO & KS

White Tailed Deer Study

White Tail Deer Study Artist: Terry Redlin Year: 1994 Subject: Deer Pencil Sketch Image Size: 12x7 State: SD

Passin' the Buck

Passin' the Buck Artist: Christopher Walden Subject: Deer and Canary Year: 2002 State: KY Image Size: 28x20 Signed and Numbered Limited Editon of 900