Other Ducks or Birds

Tree Swallow Over Pond

Tree Swallow Over Pond Artist: Robert Bateman Year: 1988 Image Size: 28 1/2x19 1/2 Subject: Pond with small tree swallow State: GGG

Catching the Light

Catching the Light Artist: Robert Bateman Subject: Barn Owl Year: 1988 Image Size: 32 1/4x13 3/4 State: GGG

Grassy Bank

Grassy Bank Artist: Robert Bateman Subject: Blue Heron Year: 1987 Image Size: 18 1/2x24 1/2 State: GGG

Prairie Evening

Prairie Evening Artist: Robert Bateman Subject: Barn Owl Year: 1980 Image Size: 27x18 State: GGG

Goslings in Nest

Goslings in Nest Artist: C. Breush Subject: Goslings in nest Image Size: 13x10 1/2 State: GGG

Alaska Longtail Duck

Alaska Longtail Duck Artist: Bruce W. Nelson Subject: Alaska Longtail Year: 2003 Image Size: 13x10 State: GGG

First Arrival- Killdeer

First Arrival- Killdeer Artist: Robert Bateman Year: 1987 Image Size: 27 1/4x20 1/2 State: GGG Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 950

Ah Alaska!

Ah Alaska! Artist: Jon Van Zyle Subject: Cabin in the Snow Year: 1989 Image Size: 8 3/4x21 1/2 State: GGG

Barn Owls

Barn Owl Artist: Roger Troy Peterson Year: 1975 Subject: two owls Image Size: 24x33 State: GGG


Timberdoodle Artist: Scott Zoellick Subject: Timberdoodle/Woodcock Year: 1989 Image Size: 16 1/2x21 State: GGG

1987 OR Stamp

1987 OR Stamp Print Artist: D.M. Smith Year: 1987 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 Subject: Speckle Bellies State: GGG

1986 OR Stamp

1986 OR Stamp Print Artist: Michael Sieve Year: 1986 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 Subject: Black Brants State: GGG

Young Kittiwake

Young Kittiwake Artist: Robert Bateman Subject: Owl Year: 1987 Image Size: 13 1/2x11 1/4 State: GGG

The Chase

The Chase Artist: Frederick William Subject: Hawk Year: 1988 Image Size: 23 1/2x16 State: GGG


Peregine Artist: Frederick William Subject: Hawk Year: 1988 Image Size: 23 1/2x16 State: GGG

Hog Ranch Point

Hog Ranch Point Artist: David Hagerbaumer Subject: Black Brants Year: 1974 Image Size: 31x19 State: GGG

Chinstrap Penguin

Chinstrap Penguin Artist: Robert Bateman Subject: Penguin Year: 1986 Image Size: 9 1/4x12 1/2 State: GGG

Beach Grove

Beach Grove Artist: David Hagerbaumer Year: 1978 Image Size: 22 3/4x16 5/8 Subject: passenger pigeons State: GGG

1998 WA Stamp

1998 WA Stamp Print Artist: Robert Steiner Subject: Goldeneye Year: 1998 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 State: GGG

1994 WA Stamp

1994 WA Stamp Print Artist: David Hagerbaumer Subject: Black Brant Year: 1994 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 State: GGG

1988 WA Stamp

1988 WA Stamp Print Artist: Robert Bateman Subject: Harlequin Duck Image Size: 9x6 1/2 Year: 1988 State: GGG

Refuge at St. Mary's

Refuge at St. Mary's Artist: Christopher Walden Subject: Buffleheads Year: 2007 State: KY Image Size: 29x18 1/2


Buffies Artist: Zettie Jones Subject: Buffleheads Year: 1993 State: IL Image Size: 11x14

Lily Pad Promenade

Lily Pad Promenade Artist: Frank Mittelstadt Subject: Bufflehead Pair Year: 1999 Image Size: 27 1/4x13 3/8 State: WI

The Gentlemen's Club

The Gentlemen's Club Artist: Art La May Subject: Variety of Ducks Year: 2005 Image Size: 29x13 1/2 State: WI

Ringneck Royalty

Ringneck Royalty Artist: Neal R. Anderson Subject: Ringnecks Year: 1999 Image Size: 22 1/2x12 State: CO


Ringbills Artist: Karen Latham Subject: Ringbills Year: 2005 Image Size: 26x14 State: MN

Paradise Ringnecks

Paradise Ringnecks Artist: Ken Bucklew Subject: Ringnecks Year: 1993 State: IL Image Size: 15 7/8x11 5/8

Marsh Mist

Marsh Mist Artist: VanGilden Subject: Ringnecks in water Year: 1988 Image Size: 17x25 State: MN

Sand Bar Speckle Bellies

Sand Bar Speckle Bellies Artist: Jan Martin McGuire Subject: Speckle Bellies Year: 1988 Image Size: 15x10 3/4 State: OK

2000 SD Stamp

2000 SD Stamp Print Artist: Russ Duerksen Year: 2000 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 Subject: Bufflehead State: SD

2004 TX Stamp Print

2004 TX Stamp Print Artist: Scott & Stewart Gentling Year: 2004 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 Subject: Goldeneyes State: TX


Forbidding Artist: Harold Roe Subject: Common Eider Year: 1990 State: MO Image Size: 17 1/2x11 3/4

In a Flurry

In a Flurry Artist: Christopher Walden Subject: Hawk Year: 2005 State: MO

Kansas Royalty 2

Kansas Royalty 2- Greater Prairie Chicken Artist: Wes Dewey Subject: Prairie Chicken Year: 2008 State: KS

Winter Egret

Winter Egret Artist: Key Barnebey Subject: Egret Year: 2008 Image Size: 11 1/4x17 1/4 State: TX