Pup's First Day

Pup's First Day Artist: Hank Walker Subject: Hunter and Dog Image Size: 18x14 1/2 State: GGG

Evening in Taos

Evening in Taos Artist: Ozz France Subject: Two women Year: 1993 Image Size: 18x24 State: GGG

Second Wave

Second Wave Artist: Gary Hamms Subject: Man in Blind Year: 1986 State: GGG Image Size: 13x15 1/2

Hunting from a St. Lawrence River

Hunting from a St. Lawrence River Skiff Artist: Michael Ringer Subject: Men in boat Year: 1988 State: GGG Image Size: 20x12 1/2

Fog Bound

Fog Bound Artist: Peter Corbin Subject: Hunter and Canada Geese Year: 1982 State: GGG Image Size: 25x15

Treasures on the Shore

Treasures on the Shore Artist: Steve Hanks Subject: Girl in the Ocean Year: 2003 Image Size: 12x16 State: GGG

Fresh Tracks

Fresh Tracks Artist: Paul Calle Subject: Tracker with Horses Year: 1980 Image Size: 25 1/4x18 3/4 State: GGG

The Landmark Tree

The Landmark Tree Artist: Paul Calle Subject: Tree and Native American Year: 1980 Image Size: 25 3/4x19 State: GGG

Running Late

Running Late Artist: Herb Booth Subject: Hunters in Marsh Yer: 2003 Image Size: 24x17 1/4 State: GGG

Rend Lake Memories

Rend Lake Memories Artist: Zettie Jones Subject: Canada Geese and hunters Year: 2005 State: IL Image Size: 11x13 1/2

Building Memories

Building Memories Artist: Zettie Jones Subject: Mallard and People Year: 2006 State: IL Image Size: 13 3/4x11

A Day to Remember

A Day to Remember Artist: R.J. McDonald Subject: Canada Geese and People Year: 2009 State: IL Image Size: 21x15


Traditions Artist: Talmadge L. Davis Year: 2002 Subject: Hunter with Indian reflection Image Size: 17x23 State: OK

First Light

First Light Artist: Robert Abbett Subject: Hunter on Marsh Year: 1981 State: OK Image Size: 25x16 1/2

Beaver Dam Legacy

Beaver Dam Legacy Artist: Zettie Jones Subject: Mallards and People Year: 1992 State: OK Image Size: 25x17

Just Me and My Dog

Just Me and My Dog Artist: Wade Butler Year: 2005 Subject: Man and Chocolate Lab Image Size: 13 5/8x16 1/2 State: TX

First Goose

First Goose Artist: Jerry Thomas Year: 2002 Subject: Man and Son Hunting Image Size: 15 3/4x11 3/4 State: KS

Lasting Memories

Lasting Memories Artist: Julie Crocker Year: 2001 Subject: Man and son in hunting boat Image Size: 17 3/4x15 State: CO

Late Season Limit

Late Season Limit Artist: John C. Green Year: 2001 Subject: Hunter going home in the snow Image Size: 16x19 State: KS & SD

SOB 10:00

This S.O.B. at 10:00 Humorous Poster Subject: Hunter being caught Image Size: 12x15 1/2 State: KS

SOB 9:00

This S.O.B. at 9:00 Humorous Poster Subject: Hunter being caught Image Size: 12x15 1/2 State: KS

Young Hunters

Young Hunters Artist: Sam Caldwell Year: 2003 Subject: Man and Boy Hunting Image Size: 13 1/2x11 1/4 State: TX

Changing of the Guard

Changing of the Guard Artist: Sam Caldwell Year: 2006 Subject: Man and Boy Image Size: 18 1/4x25 State: TX

What Ya Hangin Back Fur

What Ya Hangin' Back Fur Artist: Michael Bargelski Subject: Man and Grizzly Bear Year: 1996 State: MO Image Size: 25x16 1/2

Collins Marsh Memories

Collin's Marsh Memories Artist: Chuck Fitzgibbon Subject: Hunters on the marsh at sunrise Year: 2008 State: WI

First Hunt

First Hunt Artist: Jerry Thomas Subject: Hunters on marsh Year: 2001 Image Size: 15 7/8x12 State: KS