Stone Fence Pheasants

Stone Fence Pheasants Artist: Wanda Mumm Subject: Pheasants Year: 1988 State: GGG Image Size: 15 1/2x10 1/2

The View From the Hill

The View From the Hill Artist: Jonathan Wilde Subject: Pheasant Year: 1985 State: GGG Image Size: 19 1/2x13

Red Wings and Long Tails

Red Wing and Long Tails Artist: Parker McDonald Year: 1999 Subject: Pheasant Image Size: 22x14 1/2 State: CO

September Sunrise

September Sunrise Artist: Marian Anderson Year: 1996 Subject: Pheasant Image Size: 25x18 State: MN

Sportsmens Habitat

Sportsmens Habitat Artist: John Green Subject: Pheasant Year: 1988 Image Size: 13 1/4x15 3/4 State: OK