Sloughs Pintails

Sloughs Pintails Artist: Phillip Powell Subject: Pintails Year: 1991 State: GGG Image Size: 26x13

1990 WA Stamp

1990 WA Stamp Print Artist: Thomas Quinn Subject: Pintails Year: 1990 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 State: GGG

Hagerman Pintails

Hagerman Pintails Artist: Venture Coy Subject: Pintails Year: 1991 State: GGG Image Size: 20 1/2x13 1/2

Sporting Dog Series Yellow Labrador

Sporting Dog Series: Yellow Labrador and Pintails Artist: James H. Killen Subject: Pintails and Dog Year: 2001 State: IL Image Size: 9 x 6 1/2

Pintails In The Mist

Pintails in the Mist Artist: Zettie Jones Subject: Pintails Year: 1991 State: IL Image Size: 18x12

Misty Reflections

Misty Reflections Artist: Harold Roe Subject: Pintails Year: 2000 State: IL Image Size: 16 1/2x22

Pintail Repose

Pintail Repose Artist: Gerald Putt Subject: Pintail Pair Year: 2006 State: IL Image Size: 9x6 1/2

Pintail Trio

Pintail Trio Artist: Scot Storm Subject: Pintails Year: 2008 State: OK Image Size: 18x13

Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles Artist: Christopher Walden Year: 2006 Subject: Pintail Pair Image Size: 25x18 State: KS


Pins-n-Cattails Artist: Rick Kelley Year: 1996 Subject: Pintails Image Size: 18 3/4x14 State: OK

Pintail Pair

Pintail Pair Artist: Les McDonald Year: 2004 Subject: Pair of Pintails in water Image Size: 24x16 1/2 State: KS & TX

Autumn Reflections

Autumn Reflections Artist: Gary Hoffman Year: 1992 Image Size: 16 1/2x11 1/2 Subject: Pintail State: SD & CO

2003 SD Stamp

2003 SD Stamp Print Artist: Joshua Spies Year: 2003 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 Subject: Pintails State: SD

Sunrise over McPherson

Sunrise Over McPherson Artist: Harold Roe Year: 2005 Subject: Pintails over farm Image Size: 19 1/2x14 1/2 State: KS

Grand River Pintails

Grand River Pintails Artist: Jerry Thrasher Subject: Pintails Year: 1994 State: MO Image Size: 24x18

2005 MO Stamp Print

2005 MO Stamp Print Artist: Kathy Dickson Subject: Pintails Year: 2005 State: MO Image Size: 9x6 1/2