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Framing for Milestones: First Home

Posted by Lauren Baldwin on January 6, 2022.

Getting your first home is a big step in life, and the years spent in the home bring many cherishable moments. A great way to memorialize this precious time is through custom framing. Below are six ways to commemorate your first home through custom framing.

1. Custom Portrait

Custom portraits are a beautiful and artistic way to display your first home! Not to mention, custom portraits can be created in many different styles and methods to cohere with the aesthetic of the space you are hanging it in. After the piece is completed, the perfect custom framing will accentuate and finish the look.

2. House Key

A unique way to remind you of your first home is with a house key display. This could be left simplistic, or with mat printing, you could add a little more design into the finished product!

House Photos

Let's go back to the basics for this option. A simple photograph with your family in front of your beloved first home is a beautiful reminder of all the fun times you had there. This could also mesh seamlessly together with other family portraits on your walls.


If a map is more your style, take a map of the town your first home was in and place a marker in the spot of your home. You can take it a step further and have the map printed in the shape of a key or house!


House coordinates are a simple but unique way to display your first home. This is very customizable in what aesthetic you'd like it to be printed and framed in.


Last, but definitely not least, blueprints are a striking and professional display. These are perfect for an office space!

Commemorating your first home is an enjoyable process! Gathering materials and ideas that are unique and fit your style can be daunting, but we are here to help. If you have any other ideas or printing/framing needs, call, visit, or contact us here!

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