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Holiday Gift Guide for 2022

Posted by Lauren Baldwin on November 25, 2022

The holiday season is upon us, and Christmas is coming quick! If you're like us, this is around the time we begin to get stressed about finishing up finding gifts. This year, enjoy your stress-free season because we have so many tips and ideas for you!

1. Custom Framing

Custom framing is a timeless, meaningful and memorable gift option. In addition, with our help, it can be a simple process that fits within your budget.

Unlike other gifts, the sky is the limit with custom framing. We've framed anything from a wedding dress to a violin! If you aren't sure whether an idea is viable, contact or visit us and tell us about it!

Here are some fun custom framing gift ideas:

  1. Something meaningful between you and the gift receiver. If an object holds meaning, custom framing is the way to go! This could be a special photograph, ticket stubs, or even a baseball you caught at a game together!

  2. Artwork from an artist they love.

  3. Something to commemorate a special moment in their life. This could be a memento from their wedding day, first home, or any other major life event.

  4. Items that celebrate their favorite sports teams. For sport lovers, give them something they can enjoy everyday. We can frame a jersey, stadium panorama, artwork, and much more!

2. Custom Printed Ornaments

Although ornaments make beautiful decorations on a Christmas tree, we also use them to document important moments or parts of our life. Our ornaments are fully customizable; we can print photographs, phrases, and designs on them.

Here are some fun parts of life to celebrate with custom ornaments:

  1. Baby's First Christmas

  2. First Christmas in a new home

  3. Friendships

  4. Family

  5. Marriage

  6. Anniversary

  7. Occupation

Get your custom ornament printed here.

3. Customizable Kitchenware

Kitchenware is something everyone uses! Make it extra special with personalization's! At The Finishing Touch, we have several items to choose from!

Here are links to customizable kitchen products:

4. Custom Printing

Custom printed products make some of the best gifts! From restored and reprinted old photos to custom printed garden flags, there is something for everybody!

At The Finishing Touch, we have an endless list of mediums to print on. Some of our main print materials are canvas, matte paper, photo paper, wood pallets, dibond metal, and acrylic glass. In addition to this are useful items that can be printed on. Take a look at the three printing processes we use here. If you have a photo or design you'd like to have printed, contact or visit us to discuss options!

Now that you have so many ideas, you are all set for Christmas shopping this year! Happy holidays!

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