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How to Display Recipe Cards

Posted by Lauren Baldwin on July 22, 2022

We are all about finding creative ways to decorate your walls! Often times, the most beautiful pieces to frame are those you already have stored away. Today, we are going to show you three beautiful ways to display old family recipes, so take out the boxes, dust off the cards, and get decorating!

1. Simply Frame Them.

Just by simply framing the recipe card, you can add so much character to your space. If you have more than one recipe card, you can even make a collage by using a matboard with multiple openings.

In addition to beautiful, it also protects them so that they can be loved for many years. Certain framing choices such as glazing and backing board can further protect them. Learn about what type of glass is best for your piece here.

2. Engrave them on a cutting board.

Get the recipe engraved onto a cutting board in the original handwriting! This is such a special way to turn a beloved recipe into a usable decoration. It also makes the perfect gift! Get yours here.

3. Get a custom sign made.

Get the recipe reprinted at a customizable size and/or with a white background. This is a great way to display the recipe in a modern aesthetic. This is also a great option if you're wanting to hang a large piece.

We hope you found something you will love in your home! If you have any questions or ideas to hash out, visit us in person, give us a call, or inquire online.

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