Scenic / Still Life

Illinois Duckin'

Illinois Duckin' Artist: Joe Seme Subject: Decoys and still life Year: 1986 State: IL Image Size: 24x19

Cache Creek Winter

Cache Creek Winter Artist: Barbara Schaffner Year: 2003 Image Size: 14x11 Subject: Deer in Snow State: CO & KS

Study for Always Alert

Study for "Always Alert" Artist: Terry Redlin Year: 2000 Subject: Farm Scene pencil sketch Image Size: 12 1/2x7 1/4 State: SD

Texas Sunset

Texas Sunset Artist: Wade Butler Year: 1998 Subject: Windmill in desert with deer Image Size: 24x17 1/4 State: TX

Hunter's Heritage

Hunter's Heritage Artist: Kyle Polzin Year: 2006 Subject: Decoy and Gun Image Size: 20x14 State: TX

The Old West Passes

The Old West Passes Artist: Francis Lee Jaques Year: 1968 Subject: Barn and Tractor Image Size: 21 3/4x17 1/4 State: KS

The Legacy

The Legacy Artist: Al Barnes Subject: Canvasbacks Year: 2008 Image Size: 24x16 State: TX

Awaiting the Flight

Awaiting the Flight Artist: Kyle Polzin Subject: Gun and shells Year: 2009 State: TX Signed and Numbered Limited Edition

Sunrise at Dagger Point

Sunrise at Dagger Point Artist: Pam Heidt Subject: Coast and sunrise Year: 2009 State: TX Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 150

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage Artist: David Reiser Subject: Noah's Ark Year: 1998 Image Size: 22x27 1/2 State: KS