Laser Engraving & Customization

In a continuing effort to be a one-stop-shop for any art or home decor need, we now offer laser engraving and customization.  We originally acquired the laser in order to make metal plates for frames and mats as well as have a cleaner and more professional cutting option for acrylic artwork.

After many inquiries and requests, we were able to expand the capabilities of our laser to include personalization and home decor items.  These items include drink ware (both glass and metal), wooden cut outs, signage, and more.  We are very excited to be growing in our services and products we can offer our customers!

Retail Custom Picture Framing

Our retail store has a wide variety of services and products available to the general public.  We have over 1,000 different frame profiles for our customers to choose from ranging from simple to ornate.  We also stock hundreds of ready-made frames in standards sizes at affordable prices.


Custom matting is another product that can help add color and drama to a piece.  We have hundreds of different colors and grades

Wide Format Giclee Printing

We have multiple wide format giclee printers.  Giclee printing is a process that uses tiny dots of ink to make the picture.  It is the highest quality of printing available today.  We have the ability to print on various papers as well as canvas.  We are able to print in grand format, which will print as wide as 103".


The Finishing Touch offers the unique ability to be a turnkey operation for both artists and publishing houses.  We can do the printing, stretching or matting, as well as the framing and drop shipping.  Contact us for information about our high quality printing solutions.


Our printing services are also available to our retail customers.  Call or stop by to see examples and our prices.  Most prints can be made in a few days.  We also offer retouching and restoration services.

Wholesale Production Framing

We have a new 40,000 square feet facility that allows us to handle large contracts with ease.  Our production contracts can fulfill options including matting, framing, different glass options, canvases, packaging, drop shipping, and any other framing needs you may have.  Last year, our production facility framed over 90,000 pictures.  If you or your company would like a custom quote or are interested in our services, please contact us.  We would be happy to hear from you!

UV Printing

We continue to be on the cutting edge of the art world as we use different techniques to present art in a new and fantastic way.  One of these ways is our UV printing.  Our printer is capable of printing on any surface that is less than 4'x8',  2" thick, and flat.  We offer a variety of different substrates that include glass, acrylic, wood pallets, flat birch wood, metal, tiles, MDF board, and even picture frames.  


The UV printing process uses a specific UV curable ink that is immediately cured directly on the substrate while printing.  This direct to material printing process enables us to achieve unique results using non-traditional materials such as wood and glass to print on. The UV ink is made to be weather resistant, color fast, and durable. With our printer, we have the option of printing just the CMYK ink with the substrate or with a white backer.  There is also a primer option for more stubborn surfaces and a top coat that can change the finished appearance.


We are able to print custom images, designs, or can help you design something special.  Visit our store, call, or e-mail for prices and ideas. 


Visit our UV Printing Gallery to get ideas and see products!