Song Birds

Vermillion Flycatcher

Vermillion Flycatcher Artist: Robert Bateman Subject: Song Bird Year: 1987 Image Size: 5 5/8x7 1/2 State: GGG

Spring Glory

Spring Glory Artist: Sharon Anderson Subject: Cardinals Year: 1992 State: GGG Image Size: 18x14

Summer Garden Young Robin

Summer Garden Young Robin Artist: Robert Bateman Subject: Robin in cabbage Yea: 1987 Image Size: 17 3/4x11 3/4 State: GGG

Steller's Jay

Steller's Jay Artist: Carl Brenders Subject: Bluejay Year: 1989 Image Size: 11 1/4x16 7/8 State: GGG

Winter Trio

Winter Trio Artist: Mark Anderson Year: 2002 Subject: Chick-a-dees on snowy tree Image Size: 10x16 State: SD

Summers Gold

Summers Gold Artist: Mark Anderson Year: 2003 Subject: Canary Image Size: 10x16 State: SD

Autumn Pair

Autumn Pair Artist: Mark Anderson Year: 2004 Image Size: 10x16 Subject: Cardinal State: SD

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring Artist: Joseph Thornbrugh Year: 2001 Subject: Red-Winged Black Bird in Marsh Image Size: 16x12 State: CO & SD


Chick-a-Dee-Coys Artist: Jerry Gadamus Year: 2005 Subject: Chick-a-Dees in Snow Image Size 17 1/2x23 1/2 State: WI

Dogwood Blues

Dogwood Blues Arist: Wanda Mumm Subject: Bluebird Year: 1992 State: MO Image Size: 20x16

Passin' the Buck

Passin' the Buck Artist: Christopher Walden Subject: Deer and Canary Year: 2002 State: KY Image Size: 28x20 Signed and Numbered Limited Editon of 900