Bluewing and Greenwing Teal

1991 OK Stamp Print

1991 OK Stamp Print * Print ONLY * Artist: RT Foster Year: 1991 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 Subject: Cinnamon Teal State: GGG

1987 KS Stamp Print

1987 KS Stamp Print Artist: Gy Coheleach Subject: Greenwing Teal Year: 1987 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 State: GGG

Three Teal

Three Teal Artist: Joe Garcia Subject: Greenwing Teal Year: 1988 State: GGG Image Size: 23x13 1/2

Teal and Palmetto

Teal and Palmetto Artist: Herb Booth Subject: Teal Year: 1984 State: GGG Image Size: 19 1/2x13

Greenwings Over a Wintry Marsh

Greenwings Over a Wintry Marsh Artist: Tom Lockhart Subject: Teal State: GGG Image Size: 21 1/2x15 3/4

1998 SD Stamp

1998 SD Stamp Print Artist: Mark Anderson Year: 1998 Image Size: 9x6 /2 Subject: Greenwing State: GGG

Greenwing Hen Decoy

Greenwing Hen Decoy Artist: E.J. Peterson Subject: Teal Year: 1984 Image Size: 9x7 State: GGG

Dark Cloud Greenwings

Dark Cloud Greenwings Artist: Gerald Putt Subject: Greenwing Teal Year: 2005 State: IL Image Size: 9x6 1/2

Touch of Autumn

Touch of Autumn Artist: Harold Roe Subject: Greenwing Teal Year: 1999 State: IL Image Size: 16 1/2x22 7/8

October Evening

October Evening Artist: Loren G. Fry Subject: Greenwings Year: 1992 State: IL Image Size: 19 1/4x15 1/4

Sporting Dog Series Chocolate Labrador

Sporting Dog Series: Chocolate Labrador and Greenwings Artist: James H. Killen Subject: Greenwing Teal and Dog Year: 2003 State: IL Image Size: 9 x 6 1/2

Morning Stretch

Morning Stretch Artist: Curtiss E. Poorman Year: 1994 Subject: Greenwing Teal Image Size: 16 1/2x11 3/4 State: CO

Bullets - Greenwing Teal

Bullets- Greenwing Teal Artist: Bob Bolin Subject: Greenwings Year: 1989 State: IL Image Size: 20x14

Tales of Twin Creek

Tales of Twin Creeks Artist: Christopher Walden Year: 2006 Subject: Deer and Greenwing Teal Image Size: 19x25 3/8 State: KS

North Country Bluewings

North Country Bluewings Artist: Gary Sorrels Year: 1987 Subject: Bluewing Teal Image Size: 17 3/4x13 State: MN

Whistling Wings

Whistling Wings Artist: J. Bryon Test Year: 1990 Subject: Teal Image Size: 9x6 1/2 State: OK

2006 TX Stamp Print

2006 TX Stamp Print Artist: David Maass Year: 2006 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 Subject: Teal State: TX

Spring Splendor

Spring Splendor Artist: Sam Timm Year: 1991 Subject: Greenwing Teal pair on log Image Size: 17 1/4x20 State: WI

That Special Place

That Special Place Artist: Terry Doughty Year: 2002 Subject: Bluewing Teal Image Size: 24x15 3/4 State: WI

Anas Discors

Anas Discors Artist: Charles E. Murphy Year: 1978 Image Size: 22x16 Subject: Teal State: WI

In Spring Persuit

In Spring Persuit Artist: Jim Foote Year: 1986 Subject: Greenwing Teal Image Size: 22x16 1/4 State: WI

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue Artist: George Lockwood Year: 2003 Subject: Bluewinged Teal Image Size: 22x15 3/4 State: WI

American Green-winged Teal

American Green-Winged Teal Artist: Clayton Rippey Year: 1998 Image Size: 9 1/4x6 3/4 Subject: Teal State: KS

Getting Her Ducks in a Row

Getting Her Ducks in a Row Artist: Delores C. Halstead Year: 2005 Subject: Hen with ducklings Image Size: 23x17 State: SD

Cottonwood Teal

Cottonwood Teal Artist: Terry Burleson Year: 1996 Image Size: 16 1/8x12 Subject: Greenwing Teal State: TX

Early Migrants

Early Migrants Artist: Don Breeden Year: 1998 Image Size: 17 3/8x11 1/4 Subject: Pair of Teal State: TX

That's My Blind III

That's My Blind III Artist: Harold Roe Year: 1999 Subject: Teal Image Size: 19 3/4x15 3/4 State: CO & KS

1990 SD Stamp

1990 SD Stamp Print Artist: Russ Duerksen Subject: Greenwing Teal Year: 1990 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 State: SD

Green Winged Teal

Green Winged Teal Artist: Leland D. Schaperkotter Subject: Teal Year: 1993 State: MO Image Size: 10 1/2x7 1/4

Greenwing Flurry

Greenwing Flurry Artist: John Carter Subject: Teal Year: 2007 State: TX Image Size: 20x15 1/4

2007 MO Stamp

2007 Missouri Stamp Print Artist: Sarah Williams Subject: Bluewing Teal Year: 2007 Image Size: 9x6 1/2 State: MO