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Hal Halli

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'Beauty, inspiration, energy, love. It's what we live for. I want to be part of that.' 


Hal is a multi-talented artist. Along with his unique visual designs, he is gaining notoriety with his Lofi-chill music as “The State of Chill”.


‘I was deeply influenced by the Impressionistic period of art and music. The inspirational calm of that era affects my art, and in this day and age, a little bit of “chilling” can go a long way.’

When it comes to his visual art, Hal's style is constantly evolving, It seems to renew each year. From landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes to florals, still life and woodlands, Hal's art is rarely the same yet his style is always recognizable. 

He explores many subjects with his unique approach to fine art photography, and with tones and textures, he adds character and personality to every image. He has a very special way of fusing his beautifully framed photography with the latest color palettes. His collection is full of bright uplifting wall art for your living spaces and business interiors. 

Always striving for originality, a moment of beauty, a casual glance that can live forever, this is the work of Hal Halli.

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