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Home Décor & Customization


We offer a large selection of products with designs that are customizable. Our customizations to various products include names, personal photos, and even recipes! In addition, we have a vast selection of items that we customize, including cups, face masks, clocks, garden flags, and much more! 


Our customization journey started after we acquired a laser engraver in order to make metal plates for frames and mats as well as have a cleaner and more professional cutting option for acrylic artwork. After many requests,  we were able to expand the capabilities of our laser to include personalization and home decor items. We are proud to be fulfilling a need of personalization in Pittsburg, KS! 


In order to customize our products, we utilize our laser engraver! We use this to engrave onto products as well as to cut through various materials. In addition, we use UV printing, wide format giclée printing, and dye sublimation printing to customize our products. To learn more about these techniques, go to Printing.  

Take a sneak peek at our selection of customizable products below. Click on each product to learn more about it! If you see something you like, click on the link in the description to view the product on! 

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