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Working With Puzzles

Published by Lauren Baldwin on September 2, 2022

Puzzles provide entertainment and fulfillment among all age groups. Like any other type of artwork, custom framing is a great way to finish and protect the piece. However, it's important to know what framing practices are best for this type of artwork. Below are the steps that we take on a typical puzzle.

1. Mounting

If a puzzle hasn't been glued, we use a process called dry-mounting to adhere the puzzle pieces on to a piece of foam backing board. This keeps each piece secure in it's place.

2. Matting

Adding a matboard is an optional step. Whether or not this is added depends on the style you are trying to achieve. In addition, the size of the puzzle may be taken into account when deciding.

A matboard can enhance the presentation by highlighting specific features or textures in the puzzle, or creating a cohesive transition between the puzzle and the frame.

3. Fitting the Frame

In order to ensure that fitting the frame goes smoothly, the correct glass and molding must be chosen during the design process.

There are several types of glass we offer that provide differing levels of UV protection and anti-reflective properties. For puzzles, we typically use either a clear or non-glare glass. Read about the glass types we offer here.

When choosing the frame molding, the size and depth of the puzzle must be accounted for. Puzzles are thicker than other artworks, so the molding should accommodate for the added depth. Similarly, if a matboard is added, this should be accommodated for as well.

In addition to depth, the larger the dimensions of a puzzle, the more sturdy the frame molding must be in order to support the weight of the glass. This can be accomplished by using a real wood frame, or a molding with a larger profile or deeper rabbet.

Puzzles can bring joy both while completing them and after they're finished. With the correct technique and design, puzzles can bring a smile to your face years after they're completed!

If you have a puzzle you'd like to have framed, call, visit, or message us here!

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