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Robert Blehert

Aim High - Jim Thome - Robert Blehert.jpg

Robert Blehert is an internationally collected impressionist painter,  who, like the artist he often gets compared with, Leroy Neiman, grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Much like Neiman did,  Robert enjoys painting many different categories of subject matter, including portrait, sports, musicians, figurative and animals.  Despite his broad range of subject matter, the two main things that unite his work, according to his many happy collectors, are Robert's use of color and his ability to capture the true "essence" of whatever subject he paints.


Robert's work has been used by many professional sports teams, with hundreds of thousands of  fans receiving posters of his paintings at stadiums around the country.  In 2020, the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City opened a new wing of their museum to hold a showing of his paintings of early jazz musicians.   Among his ever growing list of collectors are professional athletes, Hollywood movie producers, bank presidents, and other notables.  However, Robert enjoys being able to share his paintings with anyone in any walk of life.  According to the artist,  "I was never satisfied with just one refrigerator".  Robert Blehert simply enjoys communicating with paint and color and hopes his messages can help buoy the spirits of his viewers. 

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