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Robert Andrea

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Self-taught artist Robert Andrea has been painting and drawing since before he could ride a bike. He served 32 years in law enforcement and 20 years in the Wisconsin Army National Guard. After retiring, he now focuses full-time on painting.

“My paintings explore the relationships between sportsmen, nature, and wildlife,” said Andrea. “They include humor and elements of simpler times. I am inspired by nostalgic and illustrative artwork and by many stories that friends and family have shared over the years. I try to bring these inspirations to life on canvas. As an artist, nothing fills me with more joy than bringing a smile to someone's face or evoking a memory of their own.”


Andrea won the Oregon Waterfowl Stamp Competition and Wisconsin Turkey Stamp Competition. His work has also been licensed for various products such as puzzles, greeting cards, calendars, home décor, diamond art, paint-by-numbers, and a magazine cover.


Andrea lives with his wife in beautiful northwest Wisconsin, where they spend countless hours marveling at the beauty around them. “God’s Creation really speaks to me and I am humbled He gave me the gift of art to bring Him glory.”

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