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Working With Diamond Art

Posted by Lauren Baldwin on February 17, 2023.

Diamond art is an up and coming hobby, and we've seen plenty of pieces come in over the past couple years. For those who don't know, diamond art is best described as a new form of paint-by-number. In each kit, there is a printed canvas with numbers showing where to put the diamonds. To find your own kit, look here!

After finishing a diamond painting, custom framing is a great way to display your hard work! With every medium there are specific techniques that should be used to ensure that you'll enjoy the piece for many decades. Below are the typical steps we take to custom frame a diamond painting.

1. Dry-mounting

First, we use a process called dry-mounting to permanently adhere the canvas to a foam backing board. During this process, we use heat and vacuum suction for an extended amount of time. This helps to firmly attach each diamond to the canvas and reduces the possibility of any falling off.

2. Place glass

After dry-mounting, we place a piece of clear glass over top of the piece. The clear glass further ensures that diamonds won't fall off of the painting, and the clear glass allows all of the diamonds to shine.

3. Frame with deep enough molding

After placing the glass, the piece is ready to secure into a frame. During the design process, it's important to choose a molding with a deep enough rabbet to fit the glass, diamonds, canvas, and foam backing board. After placing the diamond art into the frame, we secure it with professional framer's points. To finish it off, we attach a dust cover to the back and the appropriate hanging hardware. Now it's ready to enjoy!

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