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5 Tips For Framing Kids' Art

Posted by Lauren Baldwin on August 5, 2022

When you have kids in your life, it's only a matter of time before the drawers and the fridge door becomes filled with their artwork. Instead of allowing these masterpieces to become clutter, use them as decoration or thoughtful gifts!

Custom framing is a great way to allow these works of art to fit right in with your existing décor. It can also make a thoughtful gift even more special! If you don't know where to start in this process... no worries! We've got you covered with advice and inspiration below.

1. Pick artwork that is attached to a great memory.

When picking out what to frame, look for those pieces that have special memories attached to them. In addition, if you are going to do a gallery wall of art, you may choose pieces that correlate well with one another!

2. Decide where you want to hang the pieces.

The perfect style of frame may change in different hanging places. It is likely that you would frame the piece differently for your living room than you would for a kids room! This is a great detail to keep in mind, especially if you are having trouble deciding between two different looks that you love equally!

3. Frame several in the same way.

Framing several pieces in the same molding and matboard is a great way to create unity among the varying textures and colors that kids use. This is also a great choice when creating a gallery wall. See our example of this below!

4. Consider colorful framing!

With all the vibrant colors that kids tend to use, there is so much to pull from when choosing a mat or frame color. This type of framing is perfect when putting the artwork in a kids room!

5. Float the artwork.

Floating the piece on top of the matboard allows for the texture of the work to shine! Take a look below at a piece we floated in order to include a piece of the art that was sticking out.

Choosing framing for any type of artwork can be a difficult task, but we are here to help! Contact us online, on the phone, or in store to get your next project started!

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