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Framing For Milestones: Graduation

Posted by Lauren Baldwin on May 27, 2022

As we are nearing the end of graduation season, there is a new project to take on: how to display the diploma.

After the years of hard work that led to this accomplishment, your diploma deserves to be shown off! This is such a great way to memorialize this time period of your life. The first step is choosing the look you want to go with! That's where we come in. There are three types that are sure to wow your viewers!

1. Keep it Simple

A great way to display your diploma is by keeping it clean and simple! To do this, we recommend matting and framing your diploma as shown above. In this, we chose to use a double mat with a bold frame. This is the perfect office look!

2. School Spirit

Adding elements of school spirit can be a great way to give life to the display! A couple ways we love to do this is by using collegiate licensed mat designs and mat printing.

Using the collegiate mat design adds school spirit while maintaining an office appropriate, clean and professional look. Additionally, mat printing is a great way to add creativity and personalization.

3. Show Yourself Off!

Lastly, use a shadowbox to show yourself off! Shadowboxes are a great way to display educational achievements and mementos. In our experience, we've included photos, chords, medals, pins, tassels, decorated caps... you name it! These allow for personalization and creativity and are perfect displays for your home or office!

Whether you decide to keep it simple, show school spirit, or show yourself off, we would love to create a beautiful and unique finished product for you! Completing a degree of any kind is something to be proud of and to show off. Instead of letting your diploma collect dust, bring it in to us!

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