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Working with Canvas

Posted by Lauren Baldwin on December 23, 2022

Canvas material gives an unmatched artistic feel to any piece, whether it's an original or a print. Displaying these artistic pieces can be a great addition to any space. There are several framing options for canvases, and each provide a unique look. Here are three quick options!

1. Gallery Wrap

Gallery wrapping a canvas gives the pieces a nice, clean, finished look. To do this, we stretch the canvas over a 1 1/2" deep wood stretcher frame, completely covering the front and sides of the frame. After a hanger is secured to the back, it is ready to enjoy!

2. Floater Frame

If you prefer a more modern look, we can take a gallery wrapped canvas and place it into a floater frame. These frames give the illusion that the art is floating inside the frame without touching the edges. The canvas is secured to the floater frame with screws.

3. Custom Framing

By using regular custom framing, you can achieve many different looks. Although there are still modern and sleek moldings, there are also barn wood moldings, ornate moldings, and much more! Because the frame covers the sides of the canvas, we can stretch these on a thinner stretcher frame, and we don't have to cover the sides of the frame. If you are needing to show more of the artwork than a gallery wrap allows, this is a great option!

After stretching it around a thin stretcher frame, we secure the canvas into the frame. If the frame is deep enough, and the back of the canvas doesn't stick out, we use professional framer's points. If the canvas does stick out, we use offsets to keep it secure in the frame.

All three of these framing options create a beautiful display piece! If you have a canvas or other type of artwork you'd like to have framed, call, visit us, or contact us here.

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