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Working with Jerseys

Posted by Lauren Baldwin on June 24, 2022

Framing isn’t just for the typical photograph or painting. We’ve framed many items including jewelry, pillowcases, medals, and much more. Because we frame such a variety of items, we’ve learned many techniques to ensure we create durable pieces that will last for decades.

One of our most frequent orders that requires unique techniques is sports jersey framing. In order to frame these, we must be mindful of the requirements when we are designing and framing. These next steps are those we follow in order to create the perfect piece.

Chief's Jersey with complimentary colored liner mats.

The Design Process

1. Find the perfect fold.

Before we can make choices on what products to use, we must choose how to fold the jersey in order to show off everything the customer wants. To do this, we look for identification markings including team logos, names, signatures, etc.

2. Select the field mat.

The field mat is the matboard that is behind the jersey in the finished frame. This matboard is a linen or suede matboard that either compliments the jersey or creates a clean basic look.

3. Select the liner mat.

The liner mat is the matboard that is used to line the sides of the shadowbox frame. This matboard can be the same color as the field mat or a complimentary color.

4. Select the molding.

The frame molding should be deep enough to keep the glass away from the fabric and should compliment the overall selections previously made.

5. Jazz it up!

Make your shadowbox unique by adding some of the following elements.

  1. Spacer Mat: Much like the liner mat, a spacer mat keeps the fabric away from the glass. Instead of lining the sides, the matboard is cut to create a border around the jersey. Foam core is placed in between the field mat and spacer mat in order to create the needed space.

  2. Add extra items: Add photos, medals, game memorabilia, decals and more. The options are endless, and we will help you arrange the items in an aesthetically pleasing way!

  3. Add a name plate: Have us custom engrave a name plate that describes the event this was received at, the item itself, or anything else you may want clarified. This can be placed on the matboard or on the frame.

Royal's jersey with photos and a name plate.

The Framing Process

1. Lace down the jersey.

First, we lace down the jersey onto the field mat in the folded position that was chosen.

2. Place the liner mat or spacer mat.

If a liner mat is chosen, we will line the sides of the frame with the matboard. If the spacer mat is chosen, we will cut the matboard and attach it to the field mat with spacer foam core in between.

3. Fit the frame.

We secure the jersey in the frame with framer’s points and finish it up with a paper backing in order to keep dust out of the frame. Then, we secure hangers into the frame. These allow the frame to hang flat on the wall and remain secure. Now, it is ready for the customer to enjoy!

Custom framing is a great way to display a sports jersey! These techniques allow for a pleasing design and a durable finished product. To see more custom framing examples, look here. If you are interested in getting a jersey or other item framed, message us here, or come visit us!

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